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Modules : Cash Cycle >> Purchase ordersPurchase orders

Integrated to the Creditors, Stock, Sales Orders, Job Costing and Bill of Materials modules, Purchase Orders allows efficient entry of and control over orders placed on suppliers.

Integration to the Sales Order system facilitates automatic allocation of stock to customer backorders and, when used in conjunction with the stock reorder report, ensures timely and effective stock reordering.

Purchase Order Module Features Include:-

  • Orders can be changed or deleted.
  • Stock balances can be viewed at a time of creating orders.
  • Foreign currencies can be maintained to allow orders to be placed on overseas suppliers.
  • Ability to view past costs charged by a particular supplier for an individual item at time of placing order.
  • Ability to enter non-stock items on purchase orders.
  • Entry of the supplier invoices will highlight any variance between actual and estimated costs.
  • Ability to automatically allocate stock received to sales backorders.
  • Ability to enter multiple purchase orders against one supplier's invoice or delivery docket.
  • Purchase orders can be received into stock before the supplier invoice is received.
  • Ability to enter one suppliers invoice against multiple purchase orders.
  • Purchase order text facility by line or block.
  • Ability to calculate total weight on purchase order.
  • Ability to view purchase history for this creditor and stock code combination. This is extremely useful when negotiating purchase price with creditor.
  • Ability to optionally allocate additional costs to a purchase order based on value, quantity, import duty percentage, or weight (landed cost).
  • Automatic purchase order generation, available for sales orders, stock, production orders and jobs.
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Purchase Order Reports Include:-
  • Orders.
  • Cash commitments.
  • Costs by order.
  • Costs by stock.
  • Quantities by supplier.
  • Values by order.
  • Values by stock.
  • Values by supplier.
  • Quantities by stock.
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How The Purchase Order Module Helps:-
  • Store details of orders placed on suppliers through receipt of stock to entry of suppliers invoices, thereby providing immediate status of all orders.
  • Variances between quoted and actual prices and quantities are highlighted at time of stock receipt and invoice entry.
  • On-screen inquiry facility allows speedy retrieval of order status.
  • Automatic update to Sales Order backorders allows quick fulfillment of customer orders thereby enhancing service.
  • Facility to view past costs at time of purchase order entry enhances the ability to negotiate with suppliers.
  • Allows stock to be kept to a minimum allowing for quick stock turnover.
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