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Modules : Cash Cycle >> Sales ordersSales orders

The Sales Order module is integrated to the other modules in the Arrow
Accounting system. The system allows you to control your complete order
cycle from entering quotes and converting these into sales orders, which in
turn can be converted to debtors invoices.

Sales Order Module Features Include:-
  • Ability to enter a quotation and convert to an order when required.
  • Orders can be changed or deleted.
  • Stock balances can be viewed at a time of creating orders.
  • On entering orders the system will automatically allocate stock or backorder.
  • Order status is displayed, and this can be selected when printing reports.
  • System allows direct release of orders and the creation of the invoice. Together with the updating of the Debtors module.
  • Future dated orders allowed.
  • Debtor's balance will be displayed at time of order entry.
  • Backorders may be released automatically or manually.
  • Ability to view past prices charged to a customer, at time of taking the order.
  • Ability to override sales price at time of entering the order.
  • Multiple delivery addresses can be entered per debtor.
  • Ability to create new delivery addresses at time of entering order.
  • Sales order text facility by line or block.
  • Optional facility to consolidate multiple orders onto one invoice.
  • Sales orders with backorder lines can be transferred to create a purchase order.
  • Ability to view historical purchase details, that is previous selling price for this debtor and stock code combination, at the time of quote or sales order entry.
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Sales Order Reports Include:-
  • Orders and quotations.
  • Packing slips.
  • Delivery notes.
  • Invoices.
  • Quantities by order.
  • Quantities by stock code.
  • Quantities by customer.
  • Values by order.
  • Values by stock code.
  • Values by customer.
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How The Sales Order Module Helps:-
  • Keeps details of orders received through to completion. Thereby providing immediate status on all orders.
  • Inquiry can be made by stock code or customer code, this allows speedy response to customer queries.
  • Quotations can be held by the system, so quick and efficient sales orders can be generated.
  • Sales invoices can be generated from orders and the Debtors module will be automatically updated, thereby saving time and reducing any key stroke error.
  • Orders will automatically allocate stock or backorder, thereby keeping the system constantly up to date.
  • Customer service is further enhanced with the ability to view past prices at the time of taking the order.
  • The ability to enter future orders ensures that all orders are entered as they are received. This ensures no orders are misplaced.
  • Ability to handle standing orders.
  • Ability to enter individual delivery dates on stock items ordered.
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