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In environments where there is more than one company operating, the
Multi-Company Option has been developed to assist and streamline the
creation and optional consolidation of these companies.

Multi-Company Features Include:-
  • The Multi-Company option allows for more than 100 companies to be created, each company operates independently.
  • When creating new companies it is possible to copy the Chart of Accounts, and Financial Reports from an existing company.
  • The Multi-Company option allows you to optionally consolidate general ledger balances from nominated companies. This can be done for all companies created or selecting specific companies for the consolidation process.
  • In situations where you do not want the total balance of general ledger accounts being posted during the consolidation it is possible to nominate a percentage to include, eg. 60% of the account balances for a specific company will be posted during the consolidation process.
  • To limit the access to the creation of new companies and the consolidation procedure both are password protected.
  • It is always possible to identify within the consolidation company the originating company balances.

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